Rental Property Investment in India

As we all know Rich and wealthy invest in Real Estate directly. They invest in Residential , commercial and Vacational assets for steady and assured appreciation of their property in common. However , the thing which makes the real estate investment so lucrative is its capability of generating stable income in the form of daily , weekly , monthly and annual rentals. The rate at which rental income grows mostly beats the inflation in long term. This is specialy true in case of holiday and Vacational property as the daily rentals of the property grows due to high demand this also pushes the overall price of the property up. The rental yeails of the property grows with time, in other time its directly proportional to the inflation rate. Capital Appreciation happens due to high demand and growth. India being a developing nation and have highest young population , demand of real estate will keep rising. This double effect of assured high rental yeild and capital gain or value appreciation m

Why investment in Holiday Homes fetch higher returns than other Assets

As we all aspire with the idea of investing and growing our hard earned money so we can achieve our financial goals one day. Once the most successful Investor in a history of mankind Warren Buffet quoted 2 important rules for Investing. "No. 1 never loose your money and 2nd never forget rule no. 1". So taking his advice into consideration there is only one asset class where the risk of loosing money is least if Invested with proper due diligence is Real Estate. Growing Population and limited availability make it most least risky asset class among all. So today we will explore very less talk about real estate asset Holiday Homes , its benefits and why Investing in Holiday homes is a better option in comparison to other real estate assets in the market place. So be with us if you are seriously looking for an Investment which can get you better lifestyle and high returns.    1) Self usage - First and the most appealing feature of investing in a holiday home is that you can use

Growth of B&B and Short term rental Investment in India

As we all know Real Estate is the best and largest asset class in the world and most preffered option when it comes to investing. The major aspect of Real Estate which attracts Investor into it is it's Rental Yeild which can go upto 30% if invested in highly demanded real estate. So here we will look at the one of the highest rentel yeilding assets as an Investment opportunity in India for those who are looking to make fortune through Real Estate Investing. Holiday Rentals , Vacation Rentals , B&B rentals or Short term rentals choose the term which ever you like the most as the objective is same for all. In order to see the projected growth in such investment let's understand the STR revolution. It's the changing nature of how people wish to spend their money. World economy is growing and more and more people are becoming more prosperous. This newly prosperous people value experience rather material things and travel is the most desired experience for everyone. The trav

Top Destination to buy Holiday Home in India

Buying Holiday home is not just a matter of Pride anymore , Instead it's one of the best asset class to own in order to create long term wealth and generate passive income. As vacation rental or BNB rental industry is growing at 30 % CAGR yoy basis. Having a holiday home in your asset bucket is must. So here are the few booming holiday homes market in India. 1)Goa- Goa is just not a holiday destination rather it's a state of mind. Crystal Clear beaches , Seafood , night life , Foreign travellers , Adventure and watersports. Goa provides the best holiday eco system to all sort of travellers. Apart from this Goa is also a richest state in India and Infrastructure development is at peak here. So if you are thinking to Park your hard earned money in Real Estate then Goa is just a Place. Goa's Average Occupancy rate is 85% and Average room rent is 4500 INR which can easily get you the rental returns upto 16-24% via BNB rentals. 2)Lonavla - Located between Mumbai and Pune it'

Highest Rental Yeilding Real Estate Assets #Post Pandemic

Real Estate is always been a preffered choice for investors as it's not only the safest but also the largest asset class in the world. Real Estate alone is 78% contributor of total investment on the planet. Hence it's important to know the trending and highest yeilding assets before you park your hard earned money into it for better returns and achieving your finacial goals.  So here are few picks which can get you high rental yeilds and long term capital gains on investments. # WAREHOUSING- Pandemic has boost the ecommerce industry hugely , 5 years growth has been achieved in 6 months lock down. Hence demand of warehousing for e-commerce companies has seen a major shift and it's a good option to park your money as the infrastructure cost is minimal compare to other real estate asset class so it can get you high capital gains and  10-12 % rental returns on investment. However the ticket size is very which may be the entry barrier for many. So if you have deep pockets then t

#PROPTECH A Big Threat to Real Estate Brokerage Industry in India

What is PROPTECH? Proptech is digitally transforming real estate through its innovative use in #commercial, #residential and #industrial sectors. These changes are occuring in the ecosystem through its shorterm benefits and long run asset building with in the industry. Real Estate Brokerage Industry is always been an attractive business model for individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs with good communication and people skills. The total market size of the brokerage industry is approx #10400 Crore in India out of which 70% is contributed by Residential Real Estate sales. Currently there are approx #40000 Rera Registered Agents in India expected to reach over 1 lakh by 2022. This includes big Corporate brokerage houses , Banks and Finacial Institutions , Developers inhouse Sales , Consultancy firms and Freelancers. But as after the pandemic and lockdown consumer buying behaviour has changing rapidly and technology playing a big role in all aspects of day to day life of everyb

Trends and New Launches in #Lucknow Real Estate Market in 2021

Post Pandemic Lucknow realestate market have Seen significance growth in the last quarter of 2020, Specially Residential ready to move and near posession projects were on the top list of #homebuyers. Most likely the same trend will be seen in the next 2 Quarters of 2021. However there is a huge shortfall of supply vs demand is been noticed specially in urban areas of Lucknow Such as Gomti Nagar , Sitapur Road , Aliganj , Mahanagar and Raibareily Road due to lack of new project launches and projects delay. So as we all are eagerly wating to get over with 2020 hangover and all set to welcome 2021 with new hopes and opportunities Here are few key trends and projects which might give you an overview of upcoming trends in Real Estate in Lucknow. 1)More Plotting development Launches expected:  A huge demand is been seen in LDA approved plotting projects by Private builders. Projects Such as Eldeco Regalia , Oro City , Shalimar Garden Bay , Spring Greens are some of the projects with high dem