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#Inidia's #First and #Fastest #Growing #RealEstate #B2B #Networking #Platform

We are pleased and excited to inform you that we have created a unique and first of its kind concept in India in a Real Estate Industry. As you know Real Estate sector is one of the fastest growing and promising sector in India as it's also contribute maximum in our GDP. But still it's very unorganised to the extent. Now with the new REAL ESTATE BILL Modi Government is making their vision clear with eying high expectations from the industry. Hence, we have come up with a concept which is giving answers to all the FAQ asked by the experts related to the problems and issues and disputes not letting the industry to get organised. The concept is user friendly very flexible and easily adaptable by the mass. With in 3 years we can explore pan India Market including all the major Cities Delhi , NCR , Mumbai , Pune , Ahmadabad, Banglore etc. Currently we are operating it from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh with the team Size of 14 including Sales & operations. Now we Required funding to ta…