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Saturday, 11 April 2015


Cementing Every Brick with Trust & Loyalty!!!

Money Bricks is India first and fastest growing Real Estate Company providing world class B2B services to all the segments of the industry. Whether you are a buyer or a seller of property, a local resident or a newcomer to our magic world of Real Estate, we are here to listen.Our agency service is rich in integrity and commonsense, high in results and customer satisfaction and low in stress and hassle for our clients.We are professionals of the highest standard.
We do talk straight and don’t beat around the bush but we are nice people. We don’t shout about being the best, but quietly we suspect we probably might be!
Why Money Bricks
It is hard work choosing the right agent to sell your property. There are plenty of agents and agencies that will say just about anything to get your listing and then do nothing – until of course they come back to you arguing for a price reduction on your property so it sells itself with no work from them.
But how do you choose between the genuine good agents, all saying very much the same thing?
At Us Real Estate, we understand that Real Estate is about Real people who want real results. Sure this is a simple statement but if you think about it, aren’t the best things in life, sand in your toes, beautiful sunset, a really good laugh with a mate, hugs from your kids……….
Real People
At the forefront of every move we make, we always ensure U are the most important part of us, we don’t just say it we live it.
Our agents are down to earth, hardworking, straight talking professionals. Our clients are people who want an honest, no-nonsense service where they have feedback every step of the way as to what we are doing and what prospective buyers are saying. Together it works extremely well.
Qualified Buyers
We make sure every buyer is fully informed of all the advantages and benefits of your property so there is no miss information.
We utilize our extensive data base of buyers, our impressive internet marketing and enquiry from our associates to create a competitive environment amongst all the buyers to purchase your property. This interns ensures we get the maximum result for your property in the shortest possible time frame.
Creating Brokers World
The major problem faced by the brokers in real estate industry in India is not get paid the commissions committed by the Builders or Sellers.
As we being researching about the solution for the same we found many loop holes in 82% of real estate transaction we have seen so far. In spite of being one of the largest industry in India this is still unorganized to this extent. 
So be a Smart Broker join Brokers world today, dont loose on your hard earned commissions now.
Here are top 6 benefits of being a Smart Broker :

1) Get duly signed MOU with detailed information of commission slab.
2) Get Commissions on Verified Seller Listings
3) Double your income within 2 months
4) Get Trained from Real Estate experts.
5) Get free web Page.
6) Get Buyers lead to maximize sales. 

We hope you found this information useful and wish you every success in the sale of your property. If you still have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help. If you are ready for a free market appraisal, just give us a call or complete the Free Appraisal Form and send it through to us now.

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