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Saturday, 4 April 2015

How to Grow Real Estate in India !!!

#Real Estate industry in #India is facing a downfall since last 2 years inspite of massive development and infrastructural Growth under the #Narendra Modi's leadership. So why this is happening, 
What we have been come across while surveying the same we found a big gap between #Builders #Brokers . 
Brokers are sad as the market is down but they are not doing anything about it they are not selling at all because market is down. So if you don't sell if the market is down then how the hell market will go up. In the down market there is a opportunity for you to negotiate with builders for better commissions and work  hard to deliver. 

Now question arises why brokers are not selling at all , during our survey some brokers not opening their offices saying they don't have work to do so to cut the office expenses they are doing so. When asked why u don't have work to do they all started blaiming the #Builders , we found more then 83 % brokers gets less then 50% of their #Commissions committed by the builder.
 The second issue is project deliverance in our survey we found there are more then 42 % projects which dint even started development since the prelaunch in two years. 
Now in order to organise and grow the #Real estate #Industry in #India builders had to realize their responsibilities and to develop more transparency. 
#builder and Broker has to go hand in hand !!!

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